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A Guide for Parents on how to Help Their Childen With Divorce
By Suzy Power

Separation and divorce is likely to be difficult for everyone in your family. It can be stressful for each of you in different ways. You may be worried about money, how you will manage and where you will live. One of you may not want the relationship to end and may feel depressed, angry or both of these feelings at once. Thinking about needs of your children when you are exhausted by the whole process may feel too much to manage.

Having someone you can talk to about your concerns, whether this is a friend or professional support in the form of a counsellor, can be really helpful. Someone who might be able to listen when you are feeling emotionally drained or help you consider what your main worries are can be immensely supportive. It may also enable you to feel stronger to support your children through the period of separation and divorce.

It is very common for children to feel guilty, powerless and confused about what is happening. You may also be experiencing similar emotions and hopefully this article will give you some ideas as to how you can best help your children during the next few weeks and months. It is important to remember that given the right conditions, children can adapt and recover from the stress surrounding separation and divorce.

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