Arena Mediation offers a confidential mediation service to assist with and facilitate options and solutions for financial and child arrangements – parenting plans - child maintenance – financial settlements – division of property and assets – pension sharing

Our Clients;

  • Divorcing/divorced
  • Separating/separated
  • Co-habiting
  • Same sex
  • Civil partnerships
  • Grandparents

All our mediators are accredited with the Family Mediation Council [FMC] and can undertake statutory MIAM’s and Mediations.

MIAM [mediation information assessment meeting]
This meeting is for you to meet on your own with the mediator.
We will explain the mediation process and answer any questions you may have and secondly to sign an appropriate form usually a C100 or Form A if you intend to make an application to court for a financial or child arrangements order.

We will also ask you if there are any domestic violence issues or if you have any child protection concerns that may deem mediation unsuitable.
If we have not already contacted the other party, we will do so at your request.

If mediation does not proceed, we will sign appropriate forms for you – usually form C100 or Form A should you wish to apply for a financial or child arrangements order.

... your children, your future, your finances ...

First mediation session outline:
Read through and sign the agreement to mediate which you will have been sent prior to your meeting. Establish an agenda for the meeting – do you wish to discuss child or financial matters or divide the meeting and discuss both. Child matters typically discussed in mediation: Parenting plans, holidays, re-locating, name changes Once you have both outlined your agenda, our aim is to facilitate discussion and options for you to make decisions about your children. You will receive an Outcome Summary recording any agreements, plans and options to consider further.

Financial matters typically discussed in mediation: Division of property and assets, pension sharing/offset options, child maintenance, spousal maintenance, future outgoings. We explain the financial disclosure process and identify assets, liabilities and income. You will have been sent a list of documents to obtain in advance of the first meeting. You will receive an Outcome Summary recording any agreements, plans and options to consider further with a list of outstanding paperwork and tasks to prepare for the next meeting. Usually, there will also be a spreadsheet prepared for you which will be updated at each session.

Second mediation session outline:
Update on relevant information and/or decisions made since the first meeting. Complete financial disclosure and list any outstanding items. Option development: The mediator will assist you with identifying and discussing your options for settlement Clients may need to gather information and/or consult with their legal advisers and consider any options proposed. You will receive an outcome summary noting any proposals and options you have made and listing the paperwork and information required for the next session.

Third mediation session and beyond:
Update on relevant information and/or decisions made since previous session. Clients to review change or confirm plans for settlement. Completion of future expenditure chart if appropriate. Review the Memorandum of Understanding to be prepared by the mediator, which may then be sent to the client’s respective legal advisers to implement proposals.

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