Arena Mediation Cost Tariff

If you qualify for legal aid, your MIAM [Mediation Information Assessment Meeting] and mediation meetings will be free. Also, in the event that one party is funded, the other party will be able to have a free MIAM and free first mediation meeting. If you would like to be assessed for funding, please do call our office on 01794 524395, it will only take a few minutes.

Private fees:

MIAM [Mediation Information Assessment Meeting] - £85 plus VAT We offer an initial Mediation Information Assessment Meeting [MIAM]. This meeting is just for you and the mediator and not your ex partner at this stage. We would use this meeting to provide information about the mediation process and to establish if mediation is the right process for you.

If you are attending your MIAM to meet the compulsory requirement before making an application to court, we will sign the appropriate forms - Form A or C100 for you. We can also send signed forms directly to your solicitor.

Mediation session: £150 plus VAT per person Each meeting is about an hour and a half and our charges include an outcome summary and spreadsheet which the mediator will prepare for you after the meeting. Memorandum of Understanding: A fee is charged per person for the preparation of a memorandum of understanding. The fee for this document is £75 plus VAT. There are no other charges although we do reserve the right to apply a discretional cancellation charge if a meeting is cancelled without 48 hours notice given. Are you eligible for Legal Aid?